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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add my Google contacts into CAMSNEL?

Yes, You can definitely import your contacts not only Google, But also from Outlook, Yahoo, MailChimp, and other service providers.

What if my 10GB storage limit is over?

If your storage exceeds the limit of 10GB, Then you can easily add extra storage from your account. It's will cost you only $0.15 per month for 1 GB.

Free Contacts for a lifetime?

Yes, This is good news for you. As long as your account has been active, we will give you 2500 free contacts for a lifetime.

If you want to upgrade, It will cost you $5 per month and get Unlimited Contacts for a lifetime.

May I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, The system is all yours, you can cancel the subscription anytime.

Can I pay my bill in the monthly billing cycle?

Yes, You can pay your bill monthly.

But If you pay for a Two year then you can SAVE $90, Which is almost 5 months of subscription.

For 1 Year - Save $40

For 2 Year - Save $90

For 3 Year - Save $135

For 4 Year - Save $200

For 5 Year - Save $250

Is my company's data is safe?

Yes, Feel relaxed about this, We respect your data, It will be 100% secure, In our secure database.

Do you sell or share private data to the 3rd party?

NOOOO, We never ever sell or share anyone's private data to the 3rd party.

Will you integrate with AI and BIG DATA in the future?

Yes, We already plan to integrate CAMSNEL with AI and BIG DATA technology. CAMSNEL are already using BIG DATA technology.

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