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Who We are

We are CAMSNEL, We are helping our clients to achieve their goals, boost their productivity and expand their business. Because clients are our lives and we love them from bottom of our heart.

We are doing hard work for our clients so that they can do smart work. We always research and Development on new technology, because we are committed, to give the best product in the world.

Our Vision

CAMSNEL is specialty building for business owners because we found so many problems that business owners are faced while running a business. Manage every single thing is too difficult for one man. So Here we are. We are helping out clients to resolve their business problem and manage everything under one location.

We always make sure that every business owners who are connected with us achieve their goals and expand their business as much as the sky.

Our Backbones

Kishor Dhaduk


Nageshwar Shukla


Monika Shingala

Managing Director

Our Mission

Integrated with Artificial Intelligence

As we say, We are always research and development on new technology so we help our clients. We need to build the system where only one man can handle a thousand of man's work.

We focus on the Artificial Intelligence. In front of the fastest growing world, we need to be faster than the world. So join with us, we will help you to be the leader of your own industry.

Clients Always Measure Satisfaction, MoNey, Evolution, and Leadership


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